Tuesday, May 26, 2015

animal testing wright or wrong?

                                                                                                    Kylie Nielsen-Thomas
                                                                                                                May 26, 2015
                                                                                                                Mr. Coward -3rd period

    Animal testing right or wrong?

Do you ever feel bad for all the animals in labs? Have you ever felt that it was your job to do something about it? Do you ever wonder what they are thinking when they are all alone, cold, and in pain? Have you ever felt like you were just like those animals, maybe lonely, cold, and in pain? How does it feel? Imagine, you’re an animal waiting to be tested on and you’re wondering what it would be like to have a family to play with. Then, a scientist comes to get you and you just want it to go fast so you don’t have suffer at all any more. That is because you know most animals don’t survive the experiments and even if they do they are killed after.
My topic is animal testing. I think animal testing is wrong because there are alternatives to animal testing. Animal testing does not really help humans and it’s cruel and unfair to the animals.
I think animal testing is wrong for these three reasons. I think it’s wrong because it is unethical to sentence 100 million innocent animals to life in a laboratory cage and intentionally cause them pain, loneliness, and fear. It’s not always beneficial since the Food and Drug Administration reports that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans. Finally, there are other ways to do testing.
Most of the animals that are used for testing are not dying from natural causes. They are dying because of how they are being treated in labs while experiments are being performed on them. Worldwide, 22 animals die each second when in a lab. When scientists are testing animals they burn their skin, they cause severe brain damage, they cause blindness, they put animals in long term isolation, and force the animals to inhale toxic fumes and gases. Other types of testing include electric shock and not giving them food and water. Also, how do you think they get these animals? They don’t appear out of thin air. Well, I’ll tell you they repeatedly breed them even though it’s unhealthy for the animals.  The scientists don’t care.
When I was younger, I remember reading a book at my grandparents’ house. It was my cousins and it told us how in one study scientists used mice and rats and completely tortured them. In the aforementioned study, scientists shocked the feet of mice and rats and then suspended by their tails. Then, the poor rats and mice were forced to swim to avoid drowning. When the scientist explained how this was relevant to human research, they said it was relevant to humans to help research anxiety and depression. I believe there is a record of this documented on line. When people heard the explanation they pretty much almost accepted it, but I don’t. I know there are alternatives and we just need to find them. I think that these animals have suffered enough. If any test should be done on them, they should be mild and only one test should be performed on that animal.      
Another reason why animal testing doesn’t help human relevant research is because only 8 products out of 100 that passed animal testing really work on humans. The other 92 products either don’t work or are dangerous to humans. Why should animals just be wasted like that? In the middle ages, people didn’t have aspirin and they got along just fine.
Since so many experiments fail to be helpful to humans, it wastes time, money and resources that could have been spent on human-relevant research.
There are alternatives to animal testing. I have three words for you; “reduce, refine, and replace.” Reduce, we need to reduce the number of animals that are tested on each year. Refine, we need to refine or improve the method of testing. Replace, we should replace higher developed animal with less developed species like replacing mice with worms and dogs with rats. I think if we are able to do this and follow the “3r’s (reduce, refine, replace) we will almost have an animal test free life, which to me is very important.
 One alternative to animal testing is being used by the cosmetics company, Loreal. They no longer test their products on animals and still have amazing products that work just fine. They are also on their way to creating 3D human skin so that scientist can test their products.  These studies will be able help researchers with a new way animal-free testing. These studies can also help create animal-free testing in other areas, like drugs.
There is some benefit to animal testing. In science, I learned one reason scientist like to experiment on mice is because the genes of mice and humans are 95% the same. Having genes that are close to ours are good because mice express pain on their face pretty much just like humans. Scientist are able to determine how much pain they are feeling and they can see if the medication is effective. Animals are helpful in curing Ebola mostly because it was mostly spread by other animals. Animal testing also is used to test cosmetic products. Studies have shown, “Animal research has provided valuable information about many physiological processes that are relevant to humans and has been fundamental in the development of many drugs, including vaccines, anesthetics, and antibiotics.”(Advocacy. Britannica)
Although the reason stated before may have good points, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that undercover operations have found the scientist working with animals are clearly ignoring animal welfare policies and don’t properly care for the animals. Also, I know many of the drugs that have been found through animal testing can be dangerous to humans even though they passed animal tests. Did you know according to animal testing results lemon juice is a deadly poison? I found that the animals also became addicted to drugs. (The cruelty of lab animal testing.” Down to earth organic and natural) Scientist should explore the possibilities of using computer models for more types of testing because it’s found to be more effective than animal testing.     

In conclusion, animal testing is cruel and the results from the experiments are not always helpful to humans. More research is now being done without using animals. I was happy to find that some major cosmetic companies that relied on animal testing are looking for new and creative ways to test their products. Researchers need to continue to find new and better ways to test new drugs and products without using animals./

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