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Kylie Nielsen-Thomas
February 27, 2015
Mr. Coward’s Class
Three reasons why the movie was better than the book
I liked the movie version of The Giver better than the book. The reasons I liked the movie better are because I could visualize it, it was in first person, and it was easy to follow.
The first reason that I liked the movie better than the book was because it allowed me to visualize more.  In the book, Jonas does not describe his friends so it was hard to have a visual picture of what they looked like.  In the movie, I could see the characters and it helped the whole book come together. I felt that I got a better understanding of the characters by being able see them in the movie. The movie also helped to show that the community doesn’t have color, memories, weather and everything is the same. The movie made the story more real and brought all of the characters to life.
The second reason that I liked the movie better is because it was in first person. In the beginning of the movie, Jonas explained what was going on with his life.  I got a better understanding of Jonas’ life and how it related to the community.  I saw how Jonas was struggling with accepting some of the rules in the community. I could better understand the problems that Jonas was having and related to it better.
Lastly, I think that the flow was better in the movie and I also liked how they changed some of the characters in the movie. Sometimes it was difficult to follow along in the book.  In the movie, it was very clear and you always knew what was going on.  I also liked that Fiona’s job in the movie was a Nurturer instead of a Caretaker of the Old.  When they showed Fiona doing her job, it was nicer to see her taking care of babies instead of older people.  Seeing cute little babies always makes me feel good.
In conclusion, it was a great movie but an okay book.

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