Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Orange hmmm I never Thought that the color orange out of all colors would describe me. Normally I would very very very much dislike the color orange But I thought about it more And Orange is a bright and vibrant  color. i look at it as Orange means Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, and last but not least my favorite one demanding of attention I think that describes my personality perfectly especially the part about demanding of attention  . I would say something like I am from blah blah blah and my Heritage is tightly tied to the color orange but I can't say Some thing like that cause I have no idea about my actual heritage and my mom does not even know.  I also think the color orange is a good mix between the colors red and yellow it is wow and calming at the same time. for some reason looking at the color orange makes me hungry I don't know if it is because it reminds me of a actual orange or just cause it has that effect on me. different shades of orange means different things to me. the orange I am thinking of is the same color as the actual orange not red orange or peach orange but orange orange the more I write about the color orange the more I begin to like it but I still do not like the color orange that much.     

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