Monday, February 16, 2015

Color me orange

Kylie Nielsen-Thomas

February, 17 2015

Mr. Coward’s class

Color Me Orange

Orange, hmmm, I never thought that the color orange out of all colors would describe me. Normally, I would very much dislike the color orange but I thought about it more and orange is a bright and vibrant color. The color orange is a good mix between the colors red and yellow. It is WOW and calming at the same time. For some reason, looking at the color orange makes me hungry. I don’t know if it is because it reminds me of an actual orange or because it has that effect on me. Different shades of orange mean different things to me. The shade of orange I am thinking of is the same color as the actual orange, not red orange or peach orange but orange orange. The three reasons why orange describes me is because of my personality, my interest in nature, and my goal to become an Interior Designer.

I would say something like I am from blah, blah, blah and my heritage is tightly tied to the color orange.  However, I can’t say something like that because I have no idea about my actual heritage. My mom does not even know.

First of all, I think that orange describes my personality perfectly because to me it means energy, enthusiasm, warmth, and lastly it demands attention. I think that describes my personality especially the part about demanding of attention.  Splashing through waves or watching TV, climbing a tree or in a deep sleep, singing out loud or watching a cloud. You’ll find me splashing, climbing, and singing. I am always on the go! I think orange is also a social color and I like to be social and interact with other people. I always try and meet new people. I like to help assimilate new people into my group of friends.

The second reason I think orange describes me is because it reminds of nature like the sun, autumn leaves, and warmth. I love nature. I have been a Jr. Camp Counselor at the SLO Botanical Gardens. I enjoy being outside and teaching about nature to younger kids. Even though I like the rain, I love being in the warm sunshine more than the frigid cold. That’s why nature and sun remind me of orange.

Lastly, I would like to be an Interior Designer. Orange also means creativity to me. I am very creative and I am always making projects. I like to make DIY’S or build massive cities in Minecraft. I’m really savvy about things in Minecraft. I also like watching HGTV to get ideas and I’m currently redesigning my room, loft, and my bathroom. 

In conclusion, the color orange has significance to my energetic personality, my love of nature, and my creativity.  Just picture a vibrant sunrise ready to tackle the day ending with a calm, peaceful sunset. Color me orange.

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