Monday, January 5, 2015


Utopia is a community where everything's perfect kids don't do drugs, people aren't homeless, they don't die of hunger, and everyone is treated equally. There are up sides and down sides to having a utopian community. The up side is bad things probably don't happen. Then the down side is nothing changes people don't do bad things. Not that not doing bad things is good. Kids also would listen to there parents. I personally am very strong willed i like being in control. I know a little girl who's 2 she's very strong willed one day she fell into a fire pit while camping got burned then at the hospital the doctor hurt her when he touch it and then he asked her to follow his finger with her eyes and she wouldn't do it she just glared at him he though she was blind but she wanted to be in control she wouldn't listen. If our world was a utopia we wouldn't have strong willed people like her and she'll probably grow up to be a great leader one day.

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