Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Historical utopia

  Fruitlands is a example of a utopian community (well it was for a least 7 months) group of 11 adults and some children. They weren't  allow to use any animal products such as honey, wool, or beeswax. They were only allow to use planted produce that grew up out of the soil so they wouldnt disturb worms and other  living creepy crawly things in the soil. They were forbidden to eat meat, consume stimulants, they were not allowed to use animals for labor, enjoy hot baths or drink anything but water.  When winter set in and life at Fruitlands became increasingly harsh, most of the people left there society. Like I said earlier the Fruitlands utopian society lasted barely 7 months.This utopia doesn't  sound like a perfect place but to the leaders of this utopian society it was all about not disturbing the environment. So basically they were making a utopia for the part of the environment that they tried to keep people from disturbing

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