Tuesday, December 2, 2014

People these days

The Hypnotist by Gordon Korman

So today jax is still at his appointment and the Psychiatrist is still trying to kill himself. So jax yells no stop all of a sudden the psychiatrist is still he climbs back inside excepts the blazer from jax as if he didn't remember what he just did. Then jax is like are you ok. The psychaitrist says yes well that's all the time we have for today i'll see you Next week. Yeah if you don't kill yourself Jax said.Now young Jackson where would you get an idea like that why would I kill myself and then his mom comes and picks him up and he said the psychiatrist tried to kill himself today the mom said he was probably just using shock therapy or something.No one believed jax and that's all I read

P.S. jaxs thinks it has something to do with his eyes.

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